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Centro Italia Marmi was founded in the 70s in Coreno Ausonio, Middle Italy, just in those times when suddenly a national interest aroused on a special marble later known as Perlato Royal Coreno.

Today Centro Italia Marmi is leaded by the third generation, which is significantly contributing to the development of global trade policies.

Around the Perlato Royal Coreno, Centro Italia Marmi is building a world of intelligence, experience, innovation and consulting for architects, planners and interior design enthusiasts.

The archaeological sites of Minturno, Cassino and Pompeii, obviously reveal the use of the Coreno stone since the ancient Roman times. 
All the columns, their bases, friezes and bas-reliefs, the entire theaters elements and their pavements, which were hastily defined by historians simply as "local stone" distinctly shows that they belong to the Coreno Stone.
There's a kind of brand, a sort of "gene" or "DNA", contained in the material: it's the fish fossils, shells, algae and marine plants that garnish the surface.


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